Goodbye to 2016

Many couldn’t wait to bid farewell to 2016. With the instruction not to have the door hit it in the ass on the way out, and I can’t say I blame them 2016 was unkind to many. It took many celebrities and artists some before their time, and we even saw a fund me bid for Betty White. Who let’s be honest 2016 knew better than to fuck with.

For me it took friends, relatives and co-workers some through illness others tragic accidents and even one though the unthinkable – murder.

So I understand the sentiments of personalizing 2016 as a villain to be hated and I sympathize with the desire to turn the page or slam the book shut.

However I’m compelled to remember the good because if we only recall the bad and shove the year into a box of memories we only recall a half truth. There were good times to remember as well as successes that should not be trivialized.So while I am pleased to turn the page this is only another chapter to begin anew.

Remember that you are shaped by your experiences good and bad and that the villain in your story is the hero of their own.

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