Grieving is Universal

Recently a very good friend of mine passed away. it was sudden and tragic and far too soon. That was back in June. Last week I went to a visitation for another friends father. Obviously he was much older than my friend who’d passed away in a car accident but his passing was no less painful.

The visitation last week involved Catholic prayer and was entirely in Croatian. I’m not Catholic and I’m not Croatian, but as I sat there listening to the words I didn’t understand about a religion I know little about it dawned on me. Grief is universal it doesn’t matter what language it speaks or what religion you wrap it in.

It looks the same,  smells the same. and tears through you in exactly the same way. With gut wrenching relentlessness that never stops and never tires.

Grief never goes away. There are many flavours, several shades. It never fades. It is only our perception that changes. It’s our ability to adapt to loss. to grow accustomed to absence. It is only our sheer will that pulls us through each day as we fight not to be swallowed whole.

It is why we often fear death and hate change. One day grief will knock for us all and we’ll have no choice but to answer to the universal call.

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