It’s a word we hear often in every day life, a balanced diet a balance between work and play  but what does it really mean and how do we achieve it?

Is balance really an attainable ideal or is it just that – an ideal something we all strive for but never quite reach. Balance in our work and home lives, balance in our relationships, but how many of us are walking around unbalanced?

How many of us are stressed? Maybe burning the candle at both ends?

I’m not good with numbers but if I were a betting person I’d say the numbers were high. So what do we do? Drink less caffeine, and do yoga? Sure if that’s your thing.

What do you do though if you do everything you can to achieve the much sought after balance and come up empty handed?

I am coming to believe we would be far more likely to find balance and therefore a deeper happiness if we looked internally. I think the key is letting go of the guilt many of us feel.

Whether it’s guilt for sleeping that extra hour, or guilt over watching trashy TV. It could be guilt over reading one more chapter when you know you should be doing the dishes that are in your sink, or saying no to that invitation you got or task you don’t want to do.

Only when we let go of all of that, will we stand a real chance at achieving balance.

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