What’s Important?

To you it may be something different than what it is to me, and that’s OK. We are each here to walk our own journey. People you meet will walk with you for a time. Some will come and others will go. Some will reappear and some will be gone forever.

So you have to decide what is important to you, and that can be a very difficult thing to know, because to know what’s important you have to know yourself. You have to really know. Not just the superficial mask we all put on each day to face the world.

You have to know what can be cut away when it’s dead to make way for new growth. You have to know when to forgive and you have to know when to fight.

Above all you have to realize that what’s important to you isn’t always important to other people even when you think it should be and you have to learn to make peace with that and live in the moment.

Life seems infinitely long, but it can pass you by in a blink and you have to decide what’s important?

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