The Little Things

We all do it, walk by with out a second glance and carry on with our busy lives. The sad truth though is that none of us are here forever. Life is finite and unpredictable. Death will come for us all and we will be unable to ignore the call.

So today as I write and strive to push myself further beyond my boundaries I’m trying to reflect on the little things. The things that at the time seem insignificant but with hindsight are brought into focus as life changing events.

What makes us decide one thing over another? Why do we choose one path when we could easily go the other way? When life has taken many twists and endless tuns will I still recall the scent of your skin? Will the memory of your lips be as sweet? Your touch as soft?

Or is it a trick of time? Perhaps I’ll not remember at all, and the sound of your voice will fade away like a whisper on the wind my memories of you blurred like an old photograph.

I live with this fear that I will forget It grows in my chest like a slowly spreading poison and my only defense is to focus on the little things.

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