Objects of Desire


As a society we tend to objectify the human body. While it’s likely true that this is more common for women it happens with men too. After all when was the last time you saw an average guy in an underwear ad? Hell it’s even possible that some guy who attended a political debate will now get a crack at modeling or acting simply because he’s been dubbed “Hot Debate Guy.” He isn’t my taste but hey to each their own.

So when I wrote a scene in my latest writing this all this got me thinking as it often does. One character is trying to explain their sexual preferences to another, which seems to me could be a big struggle because who’s to say why we like the things we do? Does it have something to do with what we see in the media? Sure, things like whether you’re straight or gay transgender or bi you’re born with but what about things like favoring blonds over brunettes? Or Women with more meat on their bones comparatively to women who are quite thin? It doesn’t stop there what makes a person decide they like to be taken forcefully? Is it desensitization? Too much violence in our society today? Or is it that it just plain does it for you?

Human sexuality is a very complex thing at it’s core there is the simple animal drive to mate but that’s where the simplicity ends. Then the brain gets involved and things get much more complex exciting and complicated.

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