A little sneak peek….


“We’ll start with a spanking similar to what we’ve done before and then we’ll progress. If things become too painful or too overwhelming make sure you use your safe words.”

Grayson started out as he promised delivering the spanking lightly enjoying moans and sounds of pleasure she was making in the back of her throat. He ran his hands over the taunt flesh of her buttocks relishing the heat that was resonating from her skin.

“Still doing alright?”

“Yes.” Her tone was breathy and she arched under his hand as if seeking firmer contact. Grayson grabbed the flogger that he had brought into the room earlier in anticipation of their play.

The flogger tails were made of suede and produce a thumping sensation against her back as he wielded it. Grayson planted his feet and let his hand fall gently testing the aim of his swing. It landed with practiced precision exactly where he’d intended.

Grayson started slowly letting the tails of the flogger fall in more of a caress than with any real impact. Then when he thought she was ready he let his arm fall with more speed snapping his wrist on the down stroke.

The suede tails landed with a satisfying thump across her back and ended in a stinging kiss. Lucy let out her breath in a rush releasing a sigh, and he knew then that the anticipation of the moment had been worse for her than the actual contact.

HER SKIN WAS so warm she felt like her entire body was glowing. She’d lost count of how many times the flogger fell she only knew that  she felt mindless. She was disturbingly wet, her arousal leaving streaks down her inner thighs and she felt empty with such an intense craving to be filled that she was nearly dry humping the bed.

She wouldn’t though not until he gave her permission to move. Grayson had explained how he’d carefully chosen each area he would strike and when she’d wiggled, squirming with the need to give herself some relief he’d given her ass several rapid very firm swats with a wicked looking paddle before explaining the danger of him hitting somewhere he didn’t intend.

“The only way out of this is to safe word. Or see your punishment though until the end.”

That had shocked her Lucy hadn’t realized he’d considered this punishment. She froze, her muscles going tense and he stopped.

“Do you want to use your safe word, Lucy.” He asked stepping to where they could look at each other.

Did she? Lucy took a moment to really think about it and take stock of how she felt. She always enjoyed his spankings feeling as if they grounded her and connected the two of them in a way she’d never experienced before. The flogger had felt deliciously deep awakening all of her nerve endings and once she’d gotten used to the feeling of the impact she’d loved that too. The paddle was a different story. While it wasn’t horrible it landed with a sharp sting and left her ass burning hot, but even that wasn’t so bad.

“No, but  I didn’t realize this was punishment.”

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