Life is too short for bad sex

Yet it is reported that somewhere between 70 and 80% of women fake orgasm. This has got to be the one case where fake it til you make it just doesn’t cut it. So why do we do it? Is it a sense of loyalty to our lovers that makes us throw back our heads and belt out the best Meg Ryan When Harry Met Sally impression that we can? Is it that we’ve seen one too many skin flicks and so that’s what sex boils down to? Or is it simply that we’re just not that into at the time and sometimes its easier to get it over with than deal with the disappointment of turning down sex?

Who knows it could be any of these reasons. It could be all of them, and many other but why do we do it? In a world that spends billions of dollars on men getting and or keeping an erection why in the world would a woman fake it?

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