17He buckled the collar around her neck. The thick leather sliding into place against her throat felt like coming home after a long journey. The snaps on the bindings holding her wrists were next. Her breath caught and held as he drew her hands above her head securing them to the headboard.

She gave the experimental tug – she always did. It didn’t matter that she knew the bindings wouldn’t budge. Now it was only her words that would set her free. She clamped her lips tight unwilling to utter the words that would grant her escape. She caught his eye he wouldn’t blindfold her preferring instead that she was aware of his every reaction. It made her arousal sharper and shifted on the bed suddenly uncomfortable.

He didn’t say a word but his stare pinned her in place. It was a game they would play she loved him stoic, strong and silent. He loved her quivering all her barriers broken down until she was free. Free to love him free to feel. It  was a test, a battle of wills to see who would win first – and oh how she loved the game.

“Are you ready?”

She knew if she wasn’t he’d wait but she was more than ready. She licked her lips prepared to answer and thrilled at the heat that flared in his gaze. The game was on.

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