Story Book Love

18As anyone who knows me personally knows I love the song, and since the musical mayhem that plagued my wedding it has become more my wedding song than the song I originally picked. So a few days ago on my anniversary when hearing this song again it brought me a lot of good memories of that day. It also made me consider the lyrics from a writers context, and I realized that while it’s accurate that the majority of romance does feature a HEA ending – this is not always the case. Many books are now cut down into several parts creating a serial read. Does it cheat the audience? From a writing stand point I can understand why this is done but I have to say I often feel a bit cheated. I come to the last chapter of my book, and I’m expecting that things are wrapping up everyone is happy (or at the very least happy for now). I turn the page to find the story continues in another yet to be released book. I get it, I really do from an author stand point but as a reader it can be the most frustrating thing.

It also made me think of things from a content level. I realize that the lyrics are speaking of more a fairy tale, a classical archetype but in good writing things are complex characters are complex and flawed. In real life people are imperfect and messy, and like a train wreck none of us can resist cranking our neck to see how things play out.

This is what I hope to bring to my readers. The train wreck you can’t look away from. Characters so painfully real that  you weep and bleed with them when they are hurt and when they feel joy your chest swells with elation for them.

Authors are assholes to their characters though. In order to make them real we subject them to all sorts of terrible things

we hope and pray will never happen to us in real life. In erotic romance we make their encounters as hot and steamy as possible. Today in the sequel we’re playing in the barn…stay tuned for a sneak peek a little later.

Sometimes amidst all the character anxiety the reader in me scolds the author. “Don’t you know that story book love always has a happy ending?”

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