So I had another thought all picked out for today but then I saw this comment posted on online that said “I’m getting fed up with this whole Caitlyn Jenner bullshit. I’m sick of seeing people support this ridiculous “i can be whoever i want to be” behavior. Sometimes in life you don’t always get what you want. If you’re born a man, you will NEVER BE A WOMAN and vice versa. Just accept it!.” It got me thinking. You may not support the choice that Caitlyn has made. You may not understand the choice that she has made, you may not even want to see the media post about it. (I think it has turned into a bit of a circus), but here’s the thing. It NEEDS to be a circus. Sometimes the only way to bring change is to bring an issue into sharp focus. I have a fairly easy life I don’t truly understand what it is like to struggle with things like racism or intolerance, but posing on the cover made complete sense to me as sort of a way to say hello world here I am. Hopefully the world takes a good long look and then lets Caitlyn get on with life.

I can’t imagine what it would be like to go through life feeling like you didn’t fit into your own skin or identify with your gender. A response to the post above said when is it a big deal that someone is not happy?

This I have battled with depression touches so many people and often people feel it’s their only way out of what seems an impossible situation. So if reading Caitlyn’s story helps even one person then it’s worth it, because we ALL deserve to be happy in whatever form that takes. You should never try to take that from another person regardless of their different beliefs or lifestyle. If you can’t handle it just remember it’s not your circus and these are not your monkeys.

Above all the good thing about an opinion is that everyone is entitled to one of their own. #callmecaitlyn.

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